This is our full blood White Dorper hair sheep Ram purchased from Grants Dorpers at the Midwest Stud Ram sale in Sedalia, MO. in 2005.  Note his robust muscle and boning.
Dorper sheep are a South African sheep developed in the 1930s by the Department of Agriculture.  Droper sheep were designed to be an adaptable, hardy, meaty breed of sheep that would thrive in hot, dry climates, making them ideal for our hot, dry summers.
Droper sheep usually begin to breed at around seven months of age.  Unlike other sheep that only breed seasonally, Dorper sheep breed on a year round basis.  In two years, ewes usually lamb three times. 
Dorper ewes have excellent maternal instincts and milk production.
Dorper lambs grow quickly and can usually achieve a high early weaning weight of 80 lbs (36 kgs) at 12-14 weeks of age.  The average weight of a Dorper ewe is 160-220 pounds (72-100 kgs); the average weight of a Dorper ram is 225-265 pounds (102-120 kgs).
Dorper sheep have a superior carcass quality.  Their flavorful, fine grain meat, is low in fat - making them an excellent healthy choice meat.
We are concentrating on only 100% full blood brood stock at this time.  Please feel free to contact us for availability!
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